Monday, March 21, 2005


As Jim says, Conspiracy theories are fun.

Specifically, the idea that Sun might buy SCO.

Does SCO have anything of value left that Sun might want? I doubt it. Last year, Sun bought out whatever IP from SCO it needed, to help Open Source Solaris. Sun's got all the IP it needs from SCO, has a much better OS in Solaris than SCO will ever have, and it's not as if SCO has any other assets that would be interesting to Sun.

I was entertained by the considerable advances listed in the article:

OpenServer can now support 16 processors, use 16GB of general-purpose memory, let databases access 64GB of memory, support files bigger than 2GB and multithreaded application via the native SVR5 kernel.

Oh my. We were doing that with Solaris 7. In what, 1998?

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