Wednesday, January 05, 2005

HP Embraces Open Source as Well as Linux

James Dickens has an imaginative view on this story: HP Embraces Open Source as Well as Linux.

(Although the title would seem to indicate that HP don't see Linux as Open Source?)

On reading the article:

"we've made Linux one of our three key operating systems: Windows, Unix and Linux."

If I were Linux, I would be less than impressed at being put in that group, especially with HP's commitment to Unix. Then:

"no sizable company sitting behind J2EE."

I'm not sure Sun, IBM, or BEA would be impressed by that statement! But then:

"HP is making both JBoss and MySQL products and services into part numbers to make selling them easier to HP's customers."

Ah, right. Sell. Just a straight moneymaking ploy, then.

HP have got one thing right, though:

"tremendous need for Unix systems."

Presumably not from HP, though. They're going down with Itanic, trashing Tru-64, and going nowhere with HP-UX.

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