Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Enterprise Unix Roundup: The Evolving OS Landscape

Another one from ServerWatch - Enterprise Unix Roundup: The Evolving OS Landscape

Solaris 10 is free, a move designed to pit Sun directly against Red Hat. But by making its operating system free for everyone from home users to Fortune 500 enterprises, Sun presents a compelling alternative.

Not only is 10 free (as in beer), it'll soon be free (as in open source). It's fast. It's solid. It's stable. And it's got features to drool over.

The timing on Solaris 10 and NetWare 6.5 couldn't be better.

The timing is a reference to the demise of NT4 support, but the interesting time for me is the end of January when we're expecting the real Solaris 10 to hit the streets. (As opposed to the beta/Solaris Express that we've been running for the last year or more.)

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